We're a boutique search firm that helps connect consultants, bankers, and operators to startups and tech companies.

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About Opus

Founded by ex-consultants, we are a boutique search firm that helps fast growing companies hire top business talent.


Candidates in Network


McKinsey, Bain, BCG


Other Consulting & Banking Backgrounds


Strategy, Ops & Product Backgrounds

Our Work

We specialize in filling roles across the following functions.

Business Operations

  • Business Operations

Biz Ops roles sit at the core of the work that we do: Consultants and Bankers tend to be strong at structuring problems, running analysis, and drawing out insights -- making them a great fit for these types of analytical roles.

Chief of Staff

  • Chief of Staff

Chief of Staff roles are another common role well suited for our candidate pool: Consultants and Bankers are often comfortable wearing multiple hats; They can ramp up on different initiatives quickly, and can provide a level of structure and organization to any task at hand.

Corp Dev, M&A, Strategy

  • Corporate Development
  • Corporate Strategy
  • M&A

We work with larger tech companies to help them build and grow their corporate development and strategy teams. We have helped place anywhere from junior talent looking to break into the space, to seasoned corp dev and M&A leaders.


  • Product Stategy
  • Product Managers
  • Product Leaders

We have a large network of candidates in Product functions, with backgrounds / foundations in consulting or banking -- providing you with the best of both fields, and world class talent for your product org.

Strategic Finance & Operations

  • Strategic Finance
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain

We help hire into Finance-related roles that are looking for former investment bankers and private equity associates, and into Operations roles that to be more strategic in nature (i.e., when the operations function is critical to the operating of a business).

Customer Success & Partnerships

  • Strategic Customer Success
  • Business Development
  • Partnerships

Client-facing or customer-touching roles are a natural fit for candidates in our demographic: Our candidate pool is best aligned for such roles that tend to be more strategic and analytical in nature (v.s. purely sales oriented).

Our Partners

Our services are trusted by leading companies across the world.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of backgrounds from both the Search and Consulting worlds.
Aaron sandler
Former accenture CONSULtant
Carson jackson
former tek systems recruiter
kyra shannon
former lasalle network recruiter
Juliette lim
former mckinsey consultant
janice yoshimura
former mckinsey consultant
Nav Singh



What is Opus?

Founded in 2017 by two former management consultants, we are a boutique search firm that helps startups and fast growing companies hire candidates with backgrounds in: management consulting, investment banking, or strategy / operations.

The roles we most commonly fill into span: Biz Ops, Chief of Staff, General Management (Strategy/Ops), Product, Finance, and Customer Success.


I'm a potential candidate: How does this work?

Feel free to reach out to us at info@joinopus.com or via the contact form below - please share a link to your LinkedIn account or a copy of your resume. From there, a member of our team will reach out to you to help you through next steps: If you're a good fit for our candidate pool, we will work with you to figure out how to best navigate the startup/tech recruiting process, grant you access the opportunities our clients are recruiting for, and help curate different opportunities to you.

If you enter any recruiting processes with us, we will also be there to provide support throughout, whether in the form of interview prep, comp benchmarking, negotiations, etc.


I'm looking to hire: How does this work?

We operate like an executive search / talent search firm: Reach out to us at info@joinopus.com or via the contact form below, and a member of our team will work with you to determine if the role you're recruiting into is the right fit for the candidate pool we have.

If there's a match, we'll partner up and work with you to make sure that you're presenting your opportunity in the most attractive light to our candidate pool: Everything from cleaning up your job description, figuring out an outreach strategy, aligning on best-fit target profiles, helping build an interview process, etc. From there, we build a list of candidates you can interview with, and then it's up to you to make a hire!


What are your fees?

As a candidate, there is absolutely no cost to you for using our services (and hopefully a lot of benefit!).

As a company looking to hire, we offer both contingency and retainer options, depending on your needs. Feel free to contact us at info@joinopus.com for more information.


What types of companies do you work with?

We specialize in helping fast-growing startups and tech companies recruit into their business teams: Anything from a seed stage company looking for their first business hire, to a large tech giant looking to continue expanding, are all fair game. A sweet spot for us is often the Series A - D range.

That said, there are no hard limitations to the types of work that we do, and have, in select instances, also partnered with VC's, non-profits, consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies to build out their teams.


Opus is the best all around horsepower / strategy and operations recruiter in the business - think McKinsey and Goldman BAs who are ready to take on anything.
Shirley Chen
CEO, Narrativ
Opus knocked it out of the park for us: I have never in my career taken 100% of recommended candidates from a recruiter to a screen.
Brian Balfour
CEO, Reforge
I’ve worked with a few other recruiting firms and to date this has been the best one so far – the profiles of folks you’re sending our way are way more on point that I’ve seen previously.
Bryan Altman
VP Operations, Setter
I trust Opus with my toughest roles. They will build you a pipeline of top talent very quickly, and don't stop until the position is filled. They deliver each and every time.
Vivian Alvarez Rosales
Head of Talent, Wonolo

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